Give Your Dog Some Puppy Love

Give Your Dog Some Puppy Love

You have decided to move to the Madison-Huntsville area, and we could not be more thrilled with your decision. North Alabama is a beautiful place after all to put down some roots, establish a career, and raise a family. When you decided to move, you probably looked at schools, neighborhoods, and maybe even recreational opportunities. While you took into account things to make the transition easy for you and perhaps your kids, did you think about your fur babies and their needs? If not, no worries. The team at InTown Partners has created a rundown of veterinary hospitals, doggy daycares, training schools, and dog parks for you to take your pup.


Whether you need to take your dog for an annual checkup or your pup is feeling under the weather, it is important to have a reliable veterinarian. Thankfully, there are many excellent veterinarian centers and hospitals throughout the area.

Near Providence and Mid City, there is the Towne Park Animal Care Center. Less than fifteen minutes away from New Market is Flint River Animal Hospital. For those closer to Athens near County Line, the Pet Hospital of Madison. For Madison residents, Rocket City Veterinary Hospital is excellent.

Doggy Daycare

If you have a busy work schedule, you may hate keeping your pup at home for hours on end. Doggy daycare could be a great option for you as the staff gives your pup attention and allows them to play with other dogs. Doggy daycares in and around Huntsville, include The Dog Stop, Paradise Pet Resort & Spa, Huntsville Pet Resort, and Dogtopia. Aside from daycare services, each of these businesses also provides spa services and boarding for when you are traveling out of town without your pup.

Dog Training

Everyone has to train their dog how to behave, but if you want help with the training, the Rocket City is stocked with dog training classes. The businesses that provide dog training are Sit Means Sit, Such A Good Dog, Top Gun Dog Training, and Huntsville Obedience Training Club. These clubs and programs allow you to teach your dogs manners and how to obey.

Dog Parks

When you want to take your dog out to play outside of the house, there are many great dog parks to take your pet. There is the City of Huntsville Dogspot in downtown Huntsville, the Providence Pet Park in Providence, and both the Huntsville Dogspot Creekwood Park and Mill Creek Dog Park are in Madison.

Hopefully, this summary of the Rocket City’s best veterinary care centers, doggy daycares, training programs, and dog parks can allow you to give your dog some sweet puppy love and care when you officially move into the Madison and Huntsville area.

Give Your Dog Some Puppy Love
Give Your Dog Some Puppy Love

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