After-School Programs and Summer Activities for Your Kids

After-School Programs and Summer Activities for Your Kids

People move for different reasons, but it usually is all around the ultimate goal of better opportunities. Maybe you have moved because you have a better job offer or you are moving into your dream house or excellent location. If you have children, then you definitely considered the needs of your kids before moving. You probably thought of the school systems and where your children would receive their education, but one thing you may have not given much thought is to the after-school programs and summer activities available in your new city.

Thankfully, if you are moving into the Madison and Huntsville area, you are in luck. There are plenty of spectacular activities to keep your children challenged and engaged. Check out these wonderful activities.


If your child is limber and enjoys tumbling around the house, then you may want to consider signing them up for gymnastic classes. The Huntsville Gymnastics Center offers classes for a variety of ages and skill levels. There are gymnastics centers also in Madison and Hampton Cove.

Dance Classes

For the child who is gifted in rhythm or simply enjoys dancing, Project Dance provides excellent dance classes. Classes range from ballet and tap to hip-hop and contemporary. Project Dance also offers Rumble and Tumble which is a class specifically catered to boys. It teaches a combination of hip hop and acrobatics.

Nature Programs

Huntsville Botanical Gardens provides a superb selection of programs for the kid who loves the outdoors and appreciates the beauty of nature. There is the Seeds to Sprouts class, Nature Academy, and Youth Volunteer Program. Each of these offers STEM skills.

Art Classes

If your child is gifted artistically, then you may want to enroll them in the art academy at the Huntsville Museum of Art. The museum offers after-school classes for children and teens. There is even a wonderful program called Artsy Tots that is catered to your two or three year old toddler.


For the child who enjoys the spotlight, you may want to consider getting them into acting as a hobby. Whether it be for films or the theatre, Huntsville has some excellent programs for children. For the child who wants to be on the silver screen, there is The Bill Billions Studios at Hollywood Huntsville. If your child enjoys musicals and plays, they may enjoy play a role in many of the performances held by the Fantasy Playhouse.

Rock Climbing

If your child needs to burn a lot of energy and enjoys being adventurous, there is High Point Climbing. There are many classes and even climbing clubs for your child or teen to be a part of that will help them build strength as well as friendships.

After-School Programs and Summer Activities for Your Kids
After-School Programs and Summer Activities for Your Kids

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