Charlie Foster's, Not Your Traditional Coffee Shop at Stovehouse

Charlie Foster's, Not Your Traditional Coffee Shop at Stovehouse

Charlie Foster’s: Seeing The World Through Rose-colored Glass

Step into Charlie Foster’s coffee house and tea room at Stovehouse in Huntsville, Alabama, and you will quickly realize that you are not in your typical coffee shop. While there is the on-brand library nook and aromatic smells of coffee brewing, Charlie Foster’s strays from the traditional and even conventional coffee shop look for a striking design of white, red, and pink with details of birchwood.
The muse for Charlie Foster’s look can be found on the counter of the coffee shop - the coffee house’s Slay Espresso Machine. Decked in Red, pink, and white stripes with wooden accents, the Slayer has played a pivotal part in the overall design of the coffee shop. From its red chairs, birchwood shelves and tables, and white countertops and walls, customers can experience a bright and playful atmosphere. Just take a look through Charlie Foster’s windows, and you too can see the world through rose-colored glass. This unique touch is more than a design choice, but symbolizes the heart of Charlie Foster’s.

Coffee & Community

 At Charlie Foster’s, the coffee is more than your basic java. Charlie Foster’s offers its customers in-house coffee blends. With cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, Pour steady coffee, teas, and more, Charlie Foster’s takes steps to provide special and quality beverages. Arriving at the coffee shop, you will realize that not only is the coffee unique, but the staff is as well. While Charlie Foster’s does provide excellent coffee, the coffee shop has clearly declared that it has “a purpose…to model inclusion to our community.” This is evident by the friendly and sweet members of Charlie Foster’s team with intellectual and/or physical disabilities who work diligently to offer exceptional customer service to everyone.

Stop By Charlie Foster’s Today

 If you have recently moved to the Madison or Huntsville community, then be sure to visit Charlie Foster’s at Stovehouse. Grab a bite, a warm drink, and a seat in this charming coffee shop. Conveniently located in a central location in the Madison and Huntsville area, this local coffee house has something for everyone.

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